Cat Toys

Cats love to be mentally and physically stimulated and they love to spend time playing with their owners. 
And it is important to help keep your kitty happy and healthy by keeping them active with exercise.

That's why we understand and offer a wide range of affordable cat toys
- from teasers to interactive automatic toys to keep them entertained even when you are busy!

63 results
Crazy Laser Pointers (4 Available Designs)
Real-Life-Looking Dragonfly Cat Toy (Available in 2 Colours)
Bright Feather Bird Cat Teaser (Available in 2 Colours)
Simple Furry Cat Teaser (2 Colours Available)
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Slap-da Cockroach
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Interactive Moving Ball with LED Light (More Colours Available)
Rainbow Fish Cat Teaser
Cheery Cat Teaser Mouse (Available in 4 Colours)
Natural Cardboard Cat Teaser with Feather
Soft Ball Teaser (Random Colours)
Tickle Your Senses Cat Teaser (Random Colours)
Where's Wally Cat Teaser Mouse
Double Fun Two-In-One Cat Teaser
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Cat Teaser Colourful Ball With Dangling Feathers (Available in 2 Colours)
Pom Pom Cat Teaser (Available in 2 Colours)
Mini Mouse For Extra Fun (Available in 3 Colours)
Summer Rattan Ball With Dangling Stuff (Available in 2 Colours)
Natural Brown Ball Cat Teaser
Roly-Poly Catnip Toys (3 Designs Available)
Sweet Flying Feathers Cat Teaser in Pink
Christmassy Green Mouse Toy
Only 1 left!
Christmassy Super Soft Furry Long Tail Mouse
Interactive Cat Automatic Whirl Teaser With Catnip Ball and Feather
Colourful Cat Teaser Balls With Feathers (Random Colours)
Railway Merry-Go-Round Cat Toy
Japanese Polka Dots Catnip Meow (Available in 3 colours)
Watermelon Candy Catnip Pillow
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Scratching Rat With Feather Toy (2 Colours Available)
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Winter Sweet Pink Cat Teaser
Feather Cat Teaser
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Pastel Baby Mouse Cat Teaser
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Cat Scratcher With Ball Toy and Spring Mouse (2 Colours Available)
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Automatic Moving Robot Fish Toys (Many Colours Available)
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NEW! Transparent Automatic Moving Robot Fish Toys (Available in 4 Colours)
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Rat Cat Teaser
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Cat Toy Feather Ball
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63 results