Chinese New Year 2021


Designed and handsewn in Singapore. Each fabric and safety buckle is specially hand-picked with great care to ensure ultimate comfort, safety and with a pinch of stylishness for your little one.

With each purchase of Sneaky Collars, we will donate part of our profit to our selected nonprofit organizations to help stray animals.

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Good Health 2021 Face Mask (Limited Edition available in 2 designs!)
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猫到成功 (Instant success) Double Layer Scarf Cat Collar
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财源滚滚 (May Wealth Roll In) Double Layer Scarf Cat Collar
年年有鱼 Catnip Silvervine Toy
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年年有"魚" Abundance Scarf Cat Collar
花开富贵 Double Layer Scarf Cat Collar
招财进宝 Bow Cat Collar - Large (Available in 2 colours)
花开富贵 Bow Cat Collar (Available in 2 colours)