NEW! Christmas Collection!

How about getting a Christmas gift for your friends?

We can even write a Christmas card for you. Simply leave a comment and your message upon checking out. That's all! 

With each purchase of our Sneaky Collars, we will donate part of our profit to our selected nonprofit organizations to help stray animals.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping! :)

10 results
Santa Cats Bundle [Scarf + EXTRA Large Catnip Silvervine Bolster]
Santa Cats Scarf Collar
Santa Cats EXTRA Large Catnip Silvervine Bolster
Santa Cats Xmas Catnip & Silvervine Onigiri
Smart Santa Bow Cat Collar with a Pinch of Gold
Limited Edition Santa Koala Bundle [Scarf + 3D Contoured Face Mask]
[PROMOTION!] TWO Xmas Catnip & Silvervine Onigiri
[Purrballs X Sneaky Whiskers] Purry Christmas Scarf
Hey! Santa Cat Collar Bow
Splash of Christmas Gold Bow Cat Collar