Mega Cute Cat Laundry Catnip & Silvervine Bolster (Available in large sizes)

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  • Mega Cute Cat Laundry Catnip & Silvervine Bolster
  • Comes with DOUBLE high quality catnip from Canada + Japanese Silvervine! 
  • EXTRA Large size comes with THREE times of high quality catnip from Canada and Japanese Silvervine!
  • Made in a way where your little fur friend can use it as a bolster and use it for bunny kicks
  • Handsewn with love from Sneaky Whiskers
  • Available in two sizes:
    • Large: approx. measurement 24cm x 10cm
    • EXTRA Large: approx. measurement 29cm x 11cm
  • TIPS: For longer lasting effect, remember to keep it fresh by putting it back into the Sneaky Whiskers zip lock bag we provide. If it is damp, hang it to dry naturally and put it back into the bag thereafter.

Watch your cats go GAGA over our very own Japanese handsewn-with-love toy! We understand that some cats do not react to catnip, hence we traveled all the way to bring you some love from Japan - introducing sliver vine.

What is silvervine? It is a vine plant that is indigenous to the mountains regions. Silvervine is safe and gives your cats a euphoric and relaxing sensation that they will enjoy thoroughly - rolling, meowing, purring, licking and face rubbing. The toys are made at a perfect size for your little ones to play and hit the toy around the house, and yet enjoy the relaxing feeling. Remember to keep it fresh by putting it back into the zip lock bag!

Available at Sneaky Whiskers and nowhere else. :)

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