Sneaky Collars (Now Ships Worldwide)


Designed and handsewn in Singapore. Each fabric and safety buckle is specially hand-picked with great care to ensure ultimate comfort, safety and with a pinch of stylishness for your little one.

With each purchase of Sneaky Collars, we will donate part of our profit to our selected nonprofit organizations to help stray animals.

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Kay Poh Limited Edition Scarf Cat Collar
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Manja Boy Limited Edition Scarf Cat Collar
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Manja Girl Limited Edition Scarf Cat Collar
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Yaya Papaya Limited Edition Scarf Cat Collar
Hey! Santa Cat Collar Bow
Splash of Christmas Gold Bow Cat Collar
Enchanted Forest Llama Scarf Cat Collar
Japanese Daruma Bow Cat Collar (達磨)
Japanese Sweets Bow Cat Collar
Wagashi Sweet Bow Collar (和菓子)
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Wagashi Large Bow Collar (和菓子)
Creepy Pumpkin Scarf Cat Collar
Classic Halloween Bow Cat Collar
Spidey Candy Bow Cat Collar
Halloween Butterfly Cat Collar - LARGE
Cat Street Gang Scarf Cat Collar
Tux Cat Scarf Cat Collar
Tokyo Cats Double-Sided Scarf Cat Collar
Fantasia Bow Cat Collar
Oriental Fantasy Scarf Cat Collar [Available in a larger size]
Unicorn Paradise Scarf Cat Collar
Magical Dream Ocean Scarf Cat Collar
Night Magical Fantasy Bow Cat Collar
Meow Fairyland Scarf Cat Collar
Doodleland Scarf Cat Collar
Maneki-Neko 招き猫 Double-Sided Scarf Cat Collar
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Japanese Flora CNY Double Layer Scarf Cat Collar
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Special Gold Edition: Night Autumn Gold Scarf Cat Collar
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Cat Collar Bandanna Tokyo Panda
Cat Collar Stripe with Sweet Heart Charm
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Sweet Cuppa Flora Cat Collar
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Pink flamingo Flora Cat Collar
Cat Collar Paddle Pop Bow
Cat Collar Bow Summer Watermelon
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Sweet Summer Honeycomb Cat Collar
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[Purrballs X Sneaky Whiskers] Purrballs Cherry Blossom Double Layer Cat Scarf
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119 results