Limited Edition Spooky Halloween Catnip Toy

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  • LIMITED EDITION Spooky Halloween Catnip Toy
  • High quality catnip used - a bag of catnip is inserted within
  • Only quality fabric is used for ultimate fun
  • Handsewn with love from Sneaky Whiskers
  • Approx. measurement: 14cm x 7cm
  • TIPS: For longer lasting effect, remember to keep it fresh by putting it back into the Sneaky Whiskers zip lock bag we provide

Watch your cats go GAGA over our very own handsewn-with-love Catnip Toys!

We choose our fabric carefully and use only high quality catnip from Canada. A whole bag of catnip is inserted within each toy - we are not stingy and don't believe in penny-pinching. The satisfaction and happiness of our little furry buddies is our number 1 priority. Looking at the joy of our customers tagging us on Instagram or sharing with us through private messages, is what keeps us going. Thank you so much for support us always!

Available at Sneaky Whiskers and nowhere else. :)

#Repost: Featuring the mega adorable @dustypurrs ! We are totally in love with his flipping and rolling! ♡♡♡ ··· “ 🎉🎁 A very big thank you to @sneakywhiskers from Dusty for this ultra adorable Halloween themed catnip toy!!!! 😻 Dusty absolutely loves loves loves it!! (Swipe for videos! 📹) • • • Seriously it was impossible to take a pic at first... he was rolling all over the carpet 😆 finally he came down from his high and calmed down for this shot.. but look at those eyes 👀.... he’s still high I think 😂 • • • 😍 The human is so in love with the pretty colors and the fact that it’s 🐱 cat shaped~~ #crazycatlady • • • #sgcats #CatsOfIGSG #dailymeow #catsagram #cats_of_instagram #catoftheday #catsofworld #igmeows #catsofinstagram #bestmeow #weeklyfluff #instapet #petstagram #kittensofinstagram #meow #instacat #catlover #neko #mainecooncat #ragamuffincat #kitten #cat #ilovemycat #instacats #にゃんすたぐらむ #ねこのいる生活 #ニャンスタグラム #ネコ ”

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#Repost: Featuring the lovely @littlegargar ! ♡♡♡ . We will be annoucing our FINAL lucky winner tomorrow to our Halloween Catnip toy! Shhh... there will also be a little suprise to the winnings. :) . . . “ THANK YOU @sneakywhiskers for choosing me as one of the Lucky Winners of the Spooky Halloween Giveaways!👻👻👻 I 💓this Halloween Catnip toy!! I drool and drip and wet the sofa!!! But it's STILL non stop excitement for me!! So fun!!!😻😻😻😻💕💕😻💋Mama says I am crazy! I drool like a baby! And high like a Sexy baby!! 💁🏼I am Lady Gargar💃🏼💋💋💋 #sneakywhiskerssg [P.S. So happy to receive this in my mailbox addressed to me, Lady Gargar!!! So touched! I hope Mr Postman didn't laugh! Hehehehe😹💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼😽🙈] ”

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